November 17, 2018

Unspoken Moon

She walked alone  almost midnight under the unspoken moon
She told herself “you did great today, keep smile” the way she appreciated herself 
“I know you are tired, sleep well recharge your energy, tomorrow wake up with a big smile even you don’t know what will happens.” The way she said goodnight to herself 

Sometimes she bought a cup of hot Milo before starting her day to give a present to herself because still keep healthy
Life taught her nothing is easy in this world 
She saw people who work with only one foot but get a good position in the job 
She saw the in-functional hands people who work harder for struggling this hardest world
She look at herself, “you have a good body, you have things to do, you should be more grateful beautiful soul.” 

She opened her phone looking at the notification and saw that her lover did not text her and she smiled “He doing hardworking struggling with this life like everybody surrounded you. Be thankful you loving someone who take responsibilities for his life before starting a new phase of this life with you.” 
Sometimes she stopped walking in a corner because heard her phone ringing. She knows at this time might be her lover “I am so tired..” 
She replied his text and reply “You can do it A, you are more good than what your mind thought.” 

She look at beautiful moon that never spoke anything but shown the way its gave  the gloomy light tonight, literally almost every night and she opened her door before entering the room then said “everyone is struggling on their own, keep your head up beautiful soul.”