March 11, 2019

日本人積極採用中 : Job for Japanese Native Speaker in Malaysia

Hi! I would like to share a good news to you guys who are Japanese and also might be have a Japanese friends who want to work in Malaysia ;) 
First of all, I would like to share my experience working with my company and shown you pros and cons. So, you could decide would like to give a try to work with my company or no. 

Let’s go for the pros one first. This company is multinational company that having an office almost all over the world also in Malaysia we do have few offices in different area! But, don’t worry for this opportunity you will placed in Kuala Lumpur which is the capital city of Malaysia. As I mentioned due this office is expanding in multiple places in the world, we have an opportunity to rotate in which country or project we would like to try and interested because they over internal vacancies! ;) 

Alright, since we talking the multiple working places around the world. Which is we also will experiences and advantages by the multi culture in the work place. We will have friend with all over the world too! As I am placed in Johor, so not that much friends from different country (Philippine, Vietnam, Malaysia itself, Indonesia, China, Thailand, India, etc). If you placed in Kuala Lumpur for sure you will gain more international friendship 😆

We go to the next point! As the company provides us for our visa and airplane ticket so we don’t have to worry about anything, just have to prepare enough money for foods and daily needed. As might be you are a fresh graduate so don’t worry about things. No much saving in our bank acc yet, not to worry the company also will give us 2 weeks accommodation in a hotel, not that five stars hotel but at least that’s very comfortable and nice. As we will live as an expatriate don’t worry about the pick-up from airport the company will provide it as well. Pretty good services. Alright, while in the 2 weeks accommodation you also can seeking for your condo or apartment to live here ;) so don’t worry about place to stay.

Now, we go to working environment. As we know working environment is the important thing that will be our second home because will spend like half day in the office. Again, don’t worry they will provide you such a good environment. In Johor office, it’s not as luxury in Kuala Lumpur I guess because there you will have the gym facility too, so you c an enjoy that while you are tired of only sitting down 😅

Alright. Let’s talking about the cons! As we are will understand living as an expatriate not that beautiful as people outside there will think of us hahaha. You will have language barrier but at least most of Malaysian (Malay) could speaks Basic English for daily so don’t worry. Maybe you will also get culture shock as you coming from Japan that the county is very neat and less crowded. Here, in Kuala Lumpur of course you will face the crowded in the mean time such a pick hours to go to the office and go back home. I have the suggestion don’t take it as a stress out because they do have a good transportation as well but don’t compare with Japan hehehe. 

Food. You could find out Japanese food here easily in Japanese restaurant but maybe the taste not as original as in Japan. So, you may explore other variant of food around the world here like Indian, Arabic, Malaysian itself, Thailand, Indonesian, and soon.
Yup! The important thing is life expense here is cheap compare with Japan of course! Hehe if you want some good brand shoes, clothes and stuffs with lot of discounts also you can go to JPO (Johor Premium Outlets).

How about in the office? I would like to remind you from very beginning, as you working here you have to be aware with all the things regarding documents, letter you have signed, and rules. Understand the documents, asking as much as you want before signing. Living life outside our country will be very risky if we are careless of our document. Asking to the person in charge straight away don’t asking to people surround if it’s regarding important thing. Go to HR and explain or asking, don’t just say yes but actually we are not fully understand. 

Alright! Living and working overseas could be so beautiful and full of art in your life if you understand and taking care of it. So far, I would like to recommend you to give it a try to working with us! 
How to apply? 
So, I will let you know some requirements we needed! 

高校/専門/短大卒業:5 年以上の関連職種での勤務経験 4 年制大学卒業以上:経験問わず
マレーシア、セランゴール州 ペタリンジャヤ クアラルンプール中心地から 30 分程 ◎最寄り駅:LRT Ara Damansara から徒歩 10 分 ◎ショッピングモールまで徒歩 10 分以内
英語力(日常会話レベル以上)必須 土日を含むシフト勤務(6am-11pm/今後 24 時間になる可能性あり) 拘束時間:9 時間
◎メールや電話でのカスタマーサポート・事務 ◎航空券やホテル予約に関する変更・取り消し、その他の問い合わせ対 応/日本語使用
・土日を含むシフト勤務(24 時間)拘束時間:9 時間
◎購入された商品に関するお問い合わせの対応 ◎お支払い、払い戻しに関するお問い合わせの対応
*その他平日固定勤務の部署もございますので、ご希望の方は 別途ご相談ください。

有給:年間 12 日(試用期間 3 ヶ月以降に申請可) 週休二日制(月 8 日前後)
病気休暇:年間 14 日(病院の診断書が必要) 雇用保険・労災保険・健康保険(PM care) 銀行口座開設サポート
労働許可(ワークパミット)取得 片道の航空券の手配+空港ピックアップ
社員寮利用可(2 週間まで無料、ルームシェア、プール&ジム付) お部屋探しのサポート
社内教育制度:英語など 社員専用ジム
1一次電話面接(人事部採用担当との面接/30~45 分程) ※英語力の確認をさせていただく場合があります ※一次面接までに和文の履歴書、職務経歴書、Application form(弊社指定の エントリーシート)をご送付いただきます
2 二次電話面接(チームリーダーとの面接/30~45 分程) ※プロジェクトによれば英語力のご確認をさせていただきます ※二次面接までにこちらが指定したテストを受験いただきます
3 内定
4 入社手続き(ビザ申請)
※英文卒業証明書/英文成績証明書/弊社指定の書類/パスポートの全ページ コピー(残存期:15 ヶ月以上。30 ヶ月以上が望ましい)など ※書類が全て揃った後、大卒の方であれば半月程、 それ以外の方であれば半月~1ヵ月程で就労ビザが発行されます。
5 入社

Now, we coming to the very first question keep popping up in your mind when hear the word of work is salary! Your basic salary will be RM5000 to RM8000 it’s depend on which project you could pass based on the interview later ;) 
Don’t worry it’s only the basic there are several allowance that you will receive later once you passed the whole process we will definitely explain to you because again the allowance also based on the project you could place yourself 

Alright, if you guys are interested with this job please kindly contact me through my email:
with subject “Japanese Native Speaker.”